blind mob can not see
invisible mob can not be seen by lower level characters except with use of faerie fog
detect_evil mob will detect_evil
detect_invis mob will be able to detect invis players and assist other mobiles
detect_magic mob can detect magic
detect_hidden mob can detect hidden characters and assist other mobiles
cloak:reflection this cloak reflects most spells
sanctuary reduces damage mob takes in half
faerie_fire lowers mobs armor class
infrared give mob ability to see at night
curse mob can not recall
cloak:flaming this cloak will damage any character who does a physical attack against the mob, strength is determined by damage inflicted
poison the mobile suffers from poison
*protect reduces damage mobile take by 1/4
cloak:absorption this cloak absorbs spells cast at mobile
sneak mobile can not be seen entering/exiting the room
hide mob has skill hide and can not be seen without detect hidden
sleep mob will sleep occasionally
charm mob is affected by the spell charm but no master
flying mob has the ability to fly
pass_door mob can walk through closed doors
*anti_magic magic does very little damage to this mob
*blasted mob is stunned for a short time after repop
cloak:adept this makes the mobile hit more often and do more damage
*cloak:regen This helps the mobile regenerate hps faster
*cloak:shadows This cloaks lowers the mobiles ac