First you must type 'addmob [mvnum] [name|keyword(s) on mob]'. You will then be taken directly into 'medit' of that mob. If you wish to edit a pre-existing mob 'medit [mob vnum]' Please remember not to color the keywords!

Typing 'x' will show you all of your options, below is explanations of how they will affect the mob.


Short desc short [short desc]'

This is displayed when a mob wanders into & out of a room.

Long desc long [long desc] \n  or long $edit 

This is what is displayed when PC's enter the room. The \n formats the descriptions (adds a carriage return) This is the easiest way but if you need to edit this name for any reason (typos!) use the second method and '.r [typo] [correction]' and remember you will need to add the color codes exactly as they appeared the first time otherwise it won't work.

*Extra desc ed [desc] or ed $edit

This is what you see when looking at a mobile. Often overlooked, it adds to the overall completeness of an area. 

Name name [keyword(s)]

This is the keyword that players will have to use to affect the mob. Remember not to add color tags to this. 

*Class class [class name]

The primary class of the mobile. This will affect casting/fighting abilities. 

*Race race [race number]

The race of the mob. This must be added as a number. Type ':race' for a list of races and their numerical equivalent. 

Level level [level of mob]

Level of the mob, keep in mind players will only get xp for mobs within 20 levels of themselves. 

Alignment align [alignment number]

This will affect player's alignment each time they kill it. Evil mobs will turn players good and vice versa. This ranges from 1000(angelic) to -1000(satanic). 

Modifiers ac_mod [#]   hr_mod [#] or  dr_mod [#]

ac,hr,dr stats should be outlined by the head builder of the mud you are working on.

Flags [flag name]

For a full description on the individual flags, click here.

Affected_by a

These are things that affect the mobile. For a full description on the individual affects, click here.

Skills/Pskills skills [skill name] or pskill [skill name]

These are skills that the mobile will use in combat. Note that on skills you have to use skills and with the power skills, its not plural. Pskills are 'power skills' and mobs will do them more effectively. For a list of skills, click here.

Cast/Pcast cast [spell name] or pcast [spell name]

For a list of available spells, click here.

*Defenses def [type of defense]

These are the various defenses. Note that only one shield will work at a time but they can have multiple types of healing. For a list of available defenses, click here.

Realms [strong|weak|resist|suscept} [realm]

Strong is what they cast well, weak is what they cast the worst, resist is what affects them least and suscept is what hurts them most. These should make sense, IE: Strong fire, suscept cold. For a list of available realms, click here.

Race Modifiers rmod [racial affect]

Once again, these should make sense. For a full list of race mods, click here.

Special Functions spec [spec_function]

These should be pointed out to the head builder when used as there is potential problems that can arise. For a list of the functions and what they do, click here.