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Type/Values - Wear Slots - Extras

Name keyword for the item that players will use to give/get item. Do NOT color these
Level level of the player who will be able to use the item
Vnum number assigned to the item, do not alter
Type type of object, type 'type' for a list
Short desc What is shown when item is in inventory. type 'short [desc]'
Long Desc Description when item in laying in room. type 'long [desc]' or to edit an existing one 'long $edit'
Extra desc Description that is shown when item is looked at or examined, type 'ed [your extra desc]'
Wear bits Where the item is worn. Do not forget the TAKE flag otherwise no one can pick the object up! type 'wear take' 'wear hold'
Extra bits Type 'extra' for a list of extras, these affect mostly the item itself
Item_applies Type 'magic' for a list, these affects apply to wearer
Weight Weights restrict who may use the item.
Object Values Are used according to the type of object. Some are not used at all. type 'value [type]' for a list on each individual type. To edit the the values type 'v0 [value]' 'v1 [value]'
Affects Type 'aff' to see a list. A guideline should be supplied by the head builder of the mud. To set affects type 'aff [aff] [amount]' IE: aff hit 10 this would add a bonus of 10 hitpoints to the wearer.