Room Name  name [name of room]

You can add color codes to this, just be sure to add @@N so that the name does not bleed into other text

Sectors [desired sector]

This determines the moves needed for characters and should be descriptive of the element that the players are passing through.   Sectors can also affect when a character gains levels or may have special properties all on its own. For a complete list of sectors, see here.

Room Flags [desired flag]

These are the effects placed on the room itself, to use simply type the name and hit enter. For a complete list and descriptions of each, see here.

Extras extra [keyword] [extra description] or extra [keyword] $edit

Extras are used in room descriptions. After your room is done, choose keywords that people are likely to 'examine' such as nouns.   

Ex: There is a large white veined marble pillar in the center of the room.
Good keywords would be pillar or marble but not white or veined.