Mud Clients

Mud clients can affect your building as well. The two I am most familiar with are gmud and zmud. Gmud has an intuitive parser and is very easy to                         build with, zmud is a tad different and most builders find it more useful to turn parsing off while they are building. If you need to do "out of builder"             commands while in building mode (and using zmud with parsing off) type a semi-colon before the action or channel. Example " :sa "

Starting an area is a major process but a fun one. You must first plan out the area ahead of time and have a general idea of what you trying to create                         as well as a map of the finished area. You can also list the mobs in which you plan to install and their locations and their equipment. This makes the                         actual building process go much faster and while the final area may have adjustments or be different from the original plans, that's ok too.

Steps to Building

1. Plan your area on paper or in a text editor (spell checkers are wonderful to use at this stage)
2. Dig your rooms, name them, descript them and then flag them.
3. Create your mobiles and objects..
4. Place the mobile and object resets in the appropriate rooms.

To start building type 'build'  to stop (while not in an editor) type 'stop'.


Building rooms makes an area in more ways than one. This is where you can provide a wealth of information and clues to the those who will explore it.         Individual and unique room descriptions are the mark of a good area and while it takes time to complete this process, the total effect is highly noticeable. 

There are different ways to edit certain parts of areas using the builder. There is the 'normal' way, which is usually easier and there is an 'editor' which is                     like using a board. I'm not sure why this type of editing proves more difficult for some, but it does. Just remember that a period '.' followed by pressing                     the enter keys will get you out of it and you may not use any "out of builder" commands while in an editor.