These are fairly basic things, most of them are imm commands which have been changed to allow for mobiles to perform the commands. If you                             have the problem of immortals abusing these powers on your mud either ditch the immortals, or raise the access level for the mpeditor.

Here are the basic MOBcommands that are known to exist.

MPASOUND  mpasound [text_string]

Prints the text string to the rooms around the mobile in the same manner as a death cry. This is really useful for powerful aggressives and is also nice for wandering minstrels or mobiles like that in concept.

MPJUNK  mpjunk [object|all]

Destroys the object referred to in the mobiles inventory. It prints no message to the world. This is nice for having janitor mobiles clean out their inventory if they are carrying too much.

Example: mpjunk sword

mpecho [text_string]
mpechoat [victim] [text_string]
mpechoaround [victim] [text_string]

Prints the text message to the room. The three options let you tailor the message to goto victims or to do things sneaky. Color codes can be used in the messages.
MPECHO will display the message to everyone in the room.
MPECHOAT will only display the message to the victim.
MPECHOAROUND will display the message to everyone except the victim.
MPECHOAT and MPECHOAROUND are usually used together, as seen below.

Example: mpechoat $n You cackle as your MOBprogram works.
mpechoaround $n $n cackles as $s MOBprogram works.


mpmload [vnum]
mpoload [vnum]

Loads the obj/mobile into the inven/room of the mobile. Even if the item is non-takable, the mobile will receive it in the inventory. This lets a mobile distribute a quest item or load a key or something. Also handy for loading objects on death, so those pesky thieves don't steal your mob's equipment.

Example: mpmload 3001

MPKILL mpkill [victim]

Lets a mobile kill a player without having to murder and be fifth level. Lots of MOBprograms end up with mpkill $n commands floating around. It works on both mobiles and players.

Example: mpkill $n

MPPURGE mppurge [target]

Destroys the argument from the room of the mobile. Without an argument the result is the cleansing of all NPC's and items from the room with the exception of the mobile itself. However, mppurge $i will indeed purge the mobile, but it MUST be the last command the mobile tries to do, otherwise the mud can't reference the acting mobile trying to do the commands and bad things happen.

Example: mppurge guard

MPGOTO mpgoto [destination]

Moves the mobile to the room or mobile or object requested. It makes no message of its departure or of its entrance, so these must be supplied with mpecho commands if they are desired.

Example: mpgoto 3001

MPAT mpat [dest] [command]

Performs the Immortal command at the designated location. Very useful for doing magic slight of hand tricks that leave players dumbfounded.. such as metamorphing mobiles, or guard summoning, or corpse vanishing.

Example: mpat $n say You can run, but you can't hide!

MPTRANSFER  mptransfer [victim] [destination]

Sends the victim to the destination or to the room of the mobile as a default. If the victim is "all" then all the characters in the room of the mobile are transferred to the destination. Good for starting quests or things like that. There is no message given to the player that it has been transferred and the player doesn't do a look at the new room unless the mob forces them to.

Example: mptransfer $n 3001

MPFORCE  mpforce [victim] [command]

Forces the victim to do the designated command. The victim is not told that they are forced, they just do the command so usually some mpecho message is nice. You can force players to remove belongings and give them to you, etc. The player sees the normal command messages (such as removing the item and giving it away in the above example) Again, if the victim is "all" then everyone in the mobiles room does the command.

Example: mpforce $n drop all


NOTE: Nearly any command can be used in MOBprograms. The mpcommands above are simply special commands created specifically for use in   MOBprograms.