-==Ack! MUD MOBprogs 101==-

The following was created by Mitharn of Shared Madness to be used as a reference with the Ack!MUD codebase's online MOBprogram editor. It is based off of the Merc 2.2 documents. The document will cover the basics of MOBprogs including variables, if_checks, trigger types, etc. Commands and if_checks have been thoroughly tested, but if you find an error in the documents please notify me so that I can fix it. A small tutorial and examples regarding the online mobprog editor can be found by following the links to the right.

-Mitharn - 6-25-2000

-==What are MOBprograms ?== -

MOBprograms are a way to make your mobiles more interesting. In general, you could say they are a simple way to get the mobs to show some life, without you having to be a computer genius and going to the trouble of making special procedures (i.e. special procedures take a bit of extra effort to make, and unless someone has gone to great lengths to add many special procedures, most mobiles have no idea you are in the room with them and rarely listen to what you say). So here is your chance to go make a mob unique. Enter the MOBprograms :)

-----------------------The Basics-----------------------

The basic idea: Let builders allow their MOBs to interact with players in a more in-depth fashion than being simple slaughter targets. The average MOBprogram is made of three basic parts: Variables, triggers, and commands.

Triggers - A trigger is one of the available triggers which are activated when certain conditions occur. (listed further on in this section).

Commands - can be a social, a skill, or any other legal mud command, or a control flow command.

IF_checks - Performs certain checks on the target who tripped the trigger, such as level, alignment, and gender.

Variables - Variables are represented in the MOBprograms by using a dollar sign convention as used in the socials file When the MUD command is processed, these variables are expanded into the values shown further down this page.

Sample MOBprogram:
>all_greet_prog 100 <---- The trigger and percentage
if ispc($n) <---- An IF_check and variable
bow $n <--- MUD social and variable
endif <---- Closes the IF_check
end <---- Closes the MOBprogram.



This document was created by Mitharn of Shared Madness (maddness.mudservices.com 8888) to be Ack! MUD specific. It is based heavily off the Merc 2.2 documents, and some sections have been copied directly from them (such as the quick reference sheet, and 95% of the mpcommands section). The Merc 2.2 documents were created by: Originally appeared in: Merc release 2.2 Wednesday 24 November 1993 N'atas-Ha natasha@gs118.sp.cs.cmu.edu Kahn Modified for ROM 2.4 in January 1996 Newt@Imperium Gothique

Additional thanks to WynterNyght and Terrato answering my many MOBprog questions, and helping me get started with them. And to Mousy, because I stole some sections from her website =P

Questions? Comments? Erotic fantasies involving MOBprograms? Contact me! Mitharn@hotmail.com v1.0