Trigger argument and what must happen to activate trigger

act This works when a certain action is performed
all_greet Greets all who enter room regardless of sneak, hide or wizinvis
death This is triggered by the mobiles death
fight This is triggered when the mobile is a fight
give This works when the mobile is given a certain item
greet This program will greet anyone who enters IF the mobile can see them
rand This is a random program that will go off (or not) based on a percentage generated by the mud every tick
speech This is activated by a keyword said in front of the programmed mob.
hitprcnt This is activated when the mobile reaches the specified percentage in health points.

Variables mobile actor victim random target object 2nd_object

-^- Mobile Actor Victim Random Obj 2nd Obj
name $i $n $t $r $o $p
shrt_desc/title $I $N $T $R $O $P
he/she/it $j $e $E $J -- --
him/her/it $l $m $M $L -- --
his/her/its $k $s $S $K -- --
a/an -- -- -- -- $a $A

Ifcheck argument(s) meaning

rand(#) Is random percentage less than or equal to num?
isnpc($*) Is $* an NPC? (mobile)
ispc($*) Is $* a PC? (player)
isgood($*) Does $* have a good alignment?
isevil($*) Does $* have an evil alignment?
isneutral($*) Does $* have a neutral alignment?
isimmort($*) Is $* an immortal?
ischarmed($*) Is $* affected by charm?
isfollow($*) Is $* a follower with their master in the room?
isaffected($*) Is $* affected by "affect"?
name($*) == [name] Does $* equal the name of the person who set off the trigger?
position($*) == [integer] Is $*'s position equal the value given for the integer?
class($*) == [integer] Is $*'s class equal to the number?
objtype($*) == [integer] Is $*'s item_type equal to the integer given?
objval#($*) == [integer] Is $*->value[#] equal to the integer? (# from 0-4)
level($*) == [integer] Is $*'s level equal to the integer?
sex($*) == [integer] Is $*'s sex equal to integer? ( 0= neut, 1 = male, 2 = fem )
isroom($*) == [integer] Is the Integer equal to the vnum $* is in?
hitprct($*) == [integer] Is $*'s hitpoint percentage equal to integer?
*psulev($*) == [integer] Is $*'s psuedolevel equal to the integer?
isfight($*) Is the target in a fight?
goldamt This if_check is broken.
number Broken? Think it's supposed to check vnums
*race($*) == [integer] Checks race. Type "rlist" for race number values
*clan($*) == [integer] Uses numbers on "clist".
*isvamp($*) == [integer] Is player vamp? (0 = No, 1 = Yes)

MOBcommand argument_list

mpasound [text_string] This can trigger a sound file if the mud is set up with MSP protocols
mpecho [text_string] This does a room echo
mpechoat [victim] [text_string] crashes us at the moment
mpechoaround [victim] [text_string] Does a room echo to all except the victim
mpmload [vnum] Loads a mob of the designated vnum
mpoload [vnum] [level] Loads an item of the designated vnum and level (level is optional)
mpkill [victim] Allows the mob to attack without making it aggressive to all
mpat [vnum] [command] Places the mob in the designated vnum for the length of the command and then returns it to its previous room.
mpjunk [object/all] Destroys specified object in the mobs inventory (or all)
mptransfer [victim] [vnum] Allows the mob to transfer the victim to a specified vnum
mppurge [argument] The mob will purge the room, other mobiles or itself
mpgoto [vnum] Allows the mob to transfer itself to another room
mpforce [victim] [command] This should be used -VERY- carefully! It gives the mobile the ability to force the victim to do anything that they are capable of normally