All cast appropriate spells at players
spec_cast_adept This needs to be set for healers to cast automatic spells
spec_cast_cleric Gives the mob clerical spells to use in battle
spec_cast_judge Gives the mobile the spell 'high explosive' to use in fights
spec_cast_mage gives the mob mage spells to use in fights
spec_cast_undead gives the mobile an array of spells to use in combat
spec_executioner This mob will attack players flagged killer or thief and undead mobs or their masters. Do NOT use with undead flag!!!
spec_fido This creates mobs that will eat corpses (leaving eq behind
spec_guard see spec_policeman
spec_janitor This mobile picks up loose objects from rooms
spec_mayor This is an extensive function ranging from movement (room to room), greetings based on character sex, yells, sleeping and so on.
spec_poison This mobile will bite and poison characters
spec_policeman This mobile will yell and hunt killer/thief players
spec_cast_cadaver Casts sight on players
spec_undead This mobile has an array of spells to use in combat and may gate in other undead for assistance
spec_rewield Get weapons from room, check to see if it is better than current and sac if it is not